• Work experience
  • January 2013 - November 2014

    5th Planet Games

    Lead Community Manager / Software Engineer in Rocklin, CA

    Worked closely with developers and oversaw the external conversations our company had with our customers. Developed community forums, drove major discussions and over saw scheduled community events. Built a strong community-centric social media campaign to drive re-engagement. Moderated regular weekend-long on-site player feedback panels. Worked with media outlets on interviews and general company inquiry. Organized and executed a successful charity campaign to raise over $15,000 for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Eventually became a Software Engineer building and prototyping mobile and social games in Unity3D.

  • June 2010 - August 2012

    KlickNation & BioWare

    Community Manager / Designer in Sacramento, CA

    Built and oversaw official web forums for our social games. Designed fun and engaging competitive events for our players. Oversaw a team of hand-picked community moderators. Worked with developers to provide solid communication both in and out of the company. Managed the social media accounts until the acquisition. Transitioned to the Design team and helped hire my replacement. Remained an active community team member, but my role was focused solely on designing and managing competitive community events. KlickNation was acquired in December 2011 by BioWare.

  • January 2009 - June 2010

    Custom Arcade Machines & Repair

    Freelance in Sacramento, CA

    Constructed and designed custom arcade machines for many local clients. Repaired broken arcade machines by either replacing specific pieces or soldering/fixing electronics. Worked on CRT Monitors, Game PCB's, Personal Computers and Control Panels as well as custom woodworking and design.

  • September 2008 - December 2008


    Community Manager (Contract) remote in Sacramento, CA

    Worked remote from Sacramento, but stayed digitally close with the developers and the customers to build a fun and engaging community for the InstantAction platform. Traveled to Eugene, Oregon, where GarageGames was located for on-site meetings. After my contract ended, I built an online competition portal to push the competition scene of Fallen Empire: Legions.

  • August 2007 - July 2008

    Flagship Studios

    Community Manager in San Francisco, CA

    Fostered a fast growing and engaging community for Hellgate: London. After launch, transitioned into building and growing the very active Mythos community. Attended trade shows to demo the games and receive interviews. Regularly travelled from my home in San Francisco to meet with the Seattle based Mythos team. Organized assets and fielded interview questions for various media outlets. Gave in-house demos to visiting partners and shipped merchandise to our biggest fans around the world.

  • May 2005 - August 2007


    Technical Staff remote in Sacramento, CA

    Developed new features and events for our discussion forums. Organized and attended trips to Flagship Studios (the studio developing the product I was supporting). Built a very strong relationship with the developers of Hellgate: London. Was hired by the developers to continue my work in a more official capacity supporting Hellgate: London and Mythos directly.

  • Professional skills
  • Social Media75%

  • Programming75%

  • Broadcasting70%

  • Microsoft Office Suite75%

  • Photoshop85%

  • HTML/XML90%

  • JavaScript80%

  • C#60%

  • PHP70%

  • Interests
  • Live Stream for Charity

    Every year I spend hundreds of hours live streaming myself playing video games while interacting with a chatroom of spectators. I ask people to donate to the Extra-Life.org charity where 100% of proceeds donated go to the UC Davis Children's Hospital. To date, I have raised $4,995. See more here

  • Roller Derby

    I am a big fan and active referee for Roller Derby. It's a really awesome and competitive sport that combines full contact hitting with roller skating. I currently referee for the Sacred City Derby Girls.

  • Video Games

    What can I say? I love a good video game :) When I’m not working on them or skating, you will most likely find me live streaming games on Twitch.tv. My latest game obsession is H1Z1 by Daybreak Game Co.

  • Retro Game & Console Collecting

    There's something magical about classic video games and consoles. I have been collecting consoles for almost 15 years now. I hope that some day I will have a complete game and system collection of at least one major console.

  • Programming

    Most of my free time is spent programming on different projects. I like to keep myself very busy and love learning new technologies. Right now I am in the process of developing my own mobile game that I hope to release before the end of the year.